Buying cement pots in Vietnam – All you need to know about cement pots

Anyone can create a green patch by combining multiple pots that allow you to plant a variety of plants. When using cement pots in Vietnam, you can freely grow a variety of flowers, herbs, vegetables, large trees, shrubs, or ferns. Especially for large plants that you do not intend to move much, cement pots are a good choice.

About cement pots in Vietnam

Cement pots plants use concrete to mold into plant pots. The types of cement pots are moldy and sharpened, the outside is coated with high-grade paint against fading when placed outdoors.

Cement pots are pre-designed through architects and are crafted through a team of artisans, with delicate hands and full of art. Cement pot in Vietnam products always exudes the beauty of the talented artist in the process of casting plant pots.

Good cement pots must be cement ornamental pots made from non-doped high-grade cement materials. Combined with the core of steel creates toughness as well as solidity, bearing, bringing durability over time.

Cement pots plants help to enhance the appearance of ornamental plants effectively and extremely beautifully. Many people often choose cement pots in the shape of large or small plants to place square, round cement pots,… From there they can choose additional decorative motifs such as phoenix dragons depending on each person’s preferences and feng shui.

Depending on the needs of each user, the requirements are also different, the production units have divided cement pots into 2 types, one is the original cement pot, the other is the cement pot grinding.

About cement pots in Vietnam

About cement pots in Vietnam

Original cement pots

The original cement pot is the choice for those who love simplicity with simple color. You can also adopt a little more to suit your space by painting white or black.

Grinding cement pot

Grinding cement pots has the plus point of luxury. Because it is supplemented with sand and crushed gravel, the pot is quite suitable for spaces that require high aesthetics.

Original cement pots

Original cement pots

Characteristics of cement pots for plants


Cement is a strong and durable material. Wooden or plastic pots will rot or become brittle over time. Cement pots in Vietnam will survive year after year. Because cement is heavy, pots are less likely to be blown away by the wind or broken by children and pets. If in an environment such as in a humid climate, cement pots will not be destroyed by prolonged rain or humidity.


Larger plants, shrubs, require large pots to provide enough space for roots to grow. Many pots are large enough and thick enough that when the roots are large, they will not break the pot. When planting flowers, herbs, vegetables, or smaller plants with smaller roots, smaller pots may be used.


The thickness of the pot combined with the light tone of the pot will help protect the soil from temperature fluctuations. Darker pots tend to absorb heat and can damage the roots. The soil will be dry, especially in hot and sunny climates.


A cement flower pot can be painted or mixed with stones to create a variety of decorative effects. Or let the original pot bring natural beauty. In wet places, pots bring the beauty of time. Unlike plastic pots, cement pots often have more diverse decorative elements. For a homemade cement pot, add on the surface a mosaic-style layer of multicolored broken brick for more color.

Characteristics of cement pots for plants

Characteristics of cement pots for plants

Why we should use cement pots?

Environmental protection

Unlike other types of pots such as ceramic pots, plastic pots, terracotta pots, and cement pots are very environmentally friendly.

To produce pots, the manufacturer does not have to go through the process of emitting carbon dioxide emissions that pollute the environment. At the same time, when not using pots, it can be removed, without the case of waste that is difficult to decompose.

Reasonable price

Cement planters are made from raw materials at a cheap price and do not require much high technology to form. Therefore, the price of pots is also much cheaper than ceramic pot items.

Good quality, long life

Cement pots with a combination of other materials such as gravel, stone mixed with water, and pelvis made from steel mesh. As a result, it ensures high durability despite being affected by natural conditions.

Cement pots in Vietnam can be used for a long time, the life expectancy is also very high. If there is no strong impact and is used carefully by the user, it can last 10 to 20 years.

Eternal beauty

The cement pot looks both modern and classic. As a result, it is suitable for many different design styles. They are suitable both indoors and outdoors. In different locations, they hone their way to exude the natural beauty of the place itself.

Diverse designs

Cement pots for plants are quite easy to make and it is also combined with many different materials in a variety of ways. Therefore, the design of the pot is not restricted by anything. You can even create a unique shaped cement pot at home.

Pretty easy to clean

When they are dirty, you just use a scrub or wipe, so that the pot will quickly become as beautiful as the original.

Why we should use cement pots?

Why we should use cement pots?

The most beautiful cement pot models

Currently, the market has many beautiful cement pot samples, suitable for many areas of interior style from modern to minimalist. Placing it in the outdoor space will also bring a lot of interesting things. Here are some beautiful cement pot samples that you should not ignore.

Rectangular cement pot

Rectangular cement pots bring a modern style to your garden as well as your interior décor space. The pot is purple brick color, large size, suitable for planting ornamental plants located around the garden, corner of the house. From there, it provides green space, helping people to relax after a tiring day at work.

Another model of rectangular cement pot with a large size specialized in being used to grow tall vertical plants and arranged next to the wall. In addition to the main use, this cement pot also contributes in no small part to the nesting of beauty for the space of your wall or garden.

This cement pot with a height is not too large, suitable for planting beautiful bonsai trees, exposing the root on the surface. All of these cement pot samples are designed with large drainage holes, so growers do not need to fear that the plant will be flooded and die.

Round cement pot

Round cement pots are made of golden sandstone and crushed stone, which stick together with cement. From these materials, the pot should ensure durability, sun, and wind, harsh weather in the style of the “copper mortar pot” of Vietnam.

With around style, this cement pot has a luxurious, modern beauty, helping your family’s off-field campus become more prominent.

Octagonal cement pot

This pot is quite suitable for use to plant yellow trees, laurel trees, and general trees. In addition, there are also many people screwing the bottom of the pot to raise aquarium fish, plant lotus flowers.

Oval cement pot

Oval cement pots are designed in oriental style. This is a popular choice for outdoor decoration or bonsai planting. This shape of the cement pot planter has many feng shui meanings, bringing fortune and luck to the owner.

Oval cement pots are of various sizes, suitable for many different plants. It is also a great advantage that makes users love to choose it even more.

Square cement pot

Square cement pots are also becoming more and more popular. Not only does it have high durability but also has natural beauty and is very luxurious. In particular, the price of square cement pots is quite cheap so it is very popular.

Currently, the decoration of trees always requires sophistication, simplicity but efficiency. Therefore, square cement pots are considered the first choice. No more elaborate, cumbersome patterns, instead eye-catching square shapes.

The most beautiful cement pot models

The most beautiful cement pot models

How to choose the right cement pot for the plant?


If you plant flowers in a cement pot planter with bright colors such as yellow, orange, pink … then it is recommended to choose a black or gray grinding cement pot to create contrast, helping the flower become more prominent. If you plant dark leaves, large foliage, it is recommended to choose a white or light gray grinding cement pot to enhance the color of the plant, balancing the brightness – darkness.


If the plant is low, you should choose a tall pot and vice versa, the tall plant goes with a low pot while ensuring a balance of difference.

Tree shape

For plants with round leaves, the canopy should choose medium or low round pots to create a beautiful, graceful look. If the leafy plant is long, as tall as a banana tree,… you can choose a round/square tube pot that is suitable. For vertical leaf trees, moderately tall as tiger tongue trees, bamboo… you can grow beautiful rows in rectangular pots, both neat and space-saving.

How to choose the right cement pot for the plant?

How to choose the right cement pot for the plant?

That’s the information about cement pots in Vietnam. Cement pots are the most common type of pot. The pots are affordable, durable, and provide a high aesthetic.