Buying ceramic pot – What information about ceramic pot you need to know

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There are many types of plant pots such as cement pot, plastic pot, connoisseur pots, ceramic pot …But ceramic pots are still the most popular because they are both beautiful, just arrived; A variety of models that are environmentally friendly. If you are also looking to buy ceramic pots to plant ornamental plants, do not ignore these articles.

About ceramic pot

For ceramic pots, plant products are made from powdered materials including raw clay, natural minerals, synthetic infertile substances, and metals. Therefore, the characteristics of this type of pot are earthy, porous and the desiccant is higher than ordinary pots.

With a ceramic pot, the heating temperature is lower than porcelain pots. Usually, the pot will be heated at a heat threshold of 800 -1200°C (the most common is still 900°C). Inherently, the texture of ceramic ornamental plant pots is often porous, so the heat retention is not very high.

Because the ceramic has a crunchy, porous texture, the heating temperature is not high, so the hardness of the ceramic pot can be said not high. If you, unfortunately, drop the ceramic pot, the pot will surely crack and break because simply the durability of the pot is not high.

In terms of osmosis, ornamental ceramic pots have better osmosis. Therefore, if you like to grow water-loving plants, ceramic pots are an appropriate suggestion. Because of the higher osmosis with ceramic pots, the pot is prone to damage over time.

Application of ceramic pots for plants

Planting flowers, ornamental plants

Instead of using plastic pots, we can use delicate ceramic pots to grow plants. Ceramic planters display the beauty of the flowers, ornamental plants. We use low pots to grow tall plants, whereas tall pots grow low plants. Therefore, it helps balance the aesthetics more.

Interior decoration of the house

Ceramic pots give the housing space prominence through modern and unique beauty. Today the trend of interior decoration with ceramic plant pots is very popular because ceramic pots bring beauty combining modern and nostalgia.

The plant pots will be combined with flowers and greenery to create a space of harmony in color, close to nature, bringing comfort to the house.

Interior decoration of modern buildings (restaurants, hotels, resorts)

Nowadays in restaurants, hotels, or resorts, the use of ceramic pots for decoration is extremely popular for reasons as follows:

  • Ceramic pots are made from natural, environmentally friendly materials, resistant to the effects of the weather.
  • Ceramic pots have a variety of styles, colors, and richness to create a sense of comfort, friendliness, and closeness for customers when coming here.
About ceramic pot

About ceramic pot

Comparison of ceramic pots and composite pots

Since each type of pot is made from different materials, the properties will be different. If you are considering choosing between a ceramic pot and a composite pot, let’s refer to the advantages and disadvantages of each type of pot below.

Ceramic pots for plants


  • This ornamental potted product is designed, produced entirely by hand with a very strict production process, requiring meticulousness and high accuracy.
  • Ceramic pots covered with shiny enamel look quite delicate and luxurious.
  • The exterior is quite simple.
  • Ceramic pots are not toxic to humans, therefore, they are very environmentally friendly and user-friendly.


  • Ceramic pots plants are easy to break, if accidentally dropped or fell, there is a high probability that the pot will break.
  • When the pot breaks, the debris splashes might be affecting the elderly, young children
  • Heavyweight can make it difficult to move.
  • The surface is not really smooth and shiny, there are some places where blisters appear
  • Durability over time is not too long

Composite planters pots


  • Not breaking is one of the most outstanding advantages that high-grade composite pots bring, even if you hit hard with a hammer, the pot will not crumble like other types of ordinary pots.
  • Shiny, crackles, blister-free surface, offering an image more luxurious, classy, and refined than ever before
  • The weight is very light, making it easy to set to and move
  • Both for use in the interior and exterior
  • All kinds of sizes from large to small for you to choose from


  • The price is higher than other types of ordinary pots
Comparison of ceramic pots and composite pots

Comparison of ceramic pots and composite pots

How to choose the ceramic planters pots?

Pay attention to the color of the plant pot

The color of the pot is very important, it determines the aesthetics of the entire plant pot, which helps to highlight the color of the leaves, the color of flowers, and the shape of the plant in the pot. Pay attention to the details as follows:

  • It should be noted the enamel color of the ornamental pot, avoid choosing pots of color that coincide with leaves and flowers
  • Ceramic pots will be suitable for plants and flowers that are white or yellow

Choose the right pot for the purpose of use

For the bonsai ornamental plant, you should choose a ceramic pot with a large area but shallow so that the plant has an environment to grow branches and roots. When the plant is healthy enough, it is possible to give the pot the size it wants, ensuring aesthetics.

For vine-like plants, flowers with wide canopies, flowers, or many seedlings grow from the mother stem; Hanging ceramic pots are the most suitable choice.

Pay attention to the height of the tree

The basic principle of tall trees using low pots, low plants using tall pots helps to create a harmonious overall for ornamental plant pots and is easier to decorate.

For ornamental plants, it is not recommended to use ceramic pots that are deep or too heavy because they have both lost their aesthetics; It feels heavy and difficult to move.

Pay attention to the size of the pot with the plant

  • For dwarf trees, wide canopy you should choose ceramic pots with a diameter of 2/3 the width of the canopy
  • For thin, flattened pots, rectangular pots, round pots, oval pots, the thickness of the pot is equal to the diameter of the trunk
  • For round pots, the diameter of the pot is 1/3 of the height of the plant.
How to choose the ceramic planters pot?

How to choose the ceramic planters pot?

Ways to care for ceramic flower pots in the house

Ensure adequate lighting for plants to grow

To take care of ornamental plants in your home, the first factor you need to keep in mind is light. What light is suitable for the plant to grow? Depending on the characteristics of each plant will have a different amount of light. There are ornamental plants that tolerate low light, but there are ornamental plants that need natural light to grow.

However, even if the trees are capable of low light, it is still possible to ensure adequate light for the plant to grow. If you place an ornamental plant in the living room, you should make sure to place the plant in a position where there are about 2-3 hours of natural light in the room. Or you should place the sunbed 2-3 hours per week so that the plant grows naturally.

Provide just enough water for the plant pot

The second factor to keep in mind when taking care of ornamental plants in the house is the amount of water. Usually, with indoor plants, it is not recommended to water too much. When you see dry soil, you should water it. Depending on the type of plant requires different amounts of water for the plant to grow.

In addition, when watering plants, you should use a water sprayer to spray the plant. In summer, it is recommended to spray 2 times a day, while in winter, it should be once a day to enhance moisture. Don’t forget to clean the leaves to benefit the photosynthesis of the plant, and make good greenery.

Nutritional supplement for ceramic plant pots

The amount of fertilizer for ornamental plants when planted in the house is suitable will help promote the growth of the plant. If you fertilize too much feces, the plant grows quickly, losing shape and breaking it or even killing the tree.

But if applied too little will lead to the plant’s lack of nutrients, difficulty to grow, and kill branches. Therefore, the best way is about half a month to fertilize the plant once, the rate of fertilizing 5% of synthetic fertilizers for plants. In addition, using rice water to water the plant also has a very good effect on the growth of the plant.

Indoor crops limit the use of pesticides as they will affect your own health. So if the plant shows signs of pests, you should first use alcohol to wipe the leaves and roots then use organic drugs to eliminate pests.

Ways to care for ceramic flower pots in the house

Ways to care for ceramic flower pots in the house

Thus, the article has just shared with you the information about ceramic pots. Currently, the market for plant pots is very diverse and ceramic pots are one of the most popular types of pots. Ceramic pots have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you can refer to this information to decide whether to buy ceramic pots or not.