Buying concrete pot in Vietnam – All the things you need to know

We already know of different types of pots in the decoration of houses and gardens. As the decorative materials industry is growing, a variety of plant pot and pot products are produced more and more. One of them is a concrete pot in Vietnam which is currently in use. Below is all about concrete pot Vietnam.

What is a concrete pot in Vietnam?

Concrete pots are understood in the simplest way as the type of pot produced from the main component is concrete. Concrete is a mixture consisting of different materials such as stone, inorganic adhesives such as cement, gypsum, lime … and water, can add some other materials such as gravel, stone, sand … mix in certain proportions to create a concrete block that is durable, sturdy and frozen.

The characteristics of concrete are the type that can withstand many types of deformation: bending, pulling, compressing, sliding … Concrete has an excellent bearing capacity, is difficult to break and strong mechanical, satisfying for many special works also create many shapes to create diversity, rich in architecture works bringing stability over time.

What is a concrete pot in Vietnam?

What is a concrete pot in Vietnam?

Common types of concrete pots

Rectangular concrete pots

This product comes in many colors, sizes depending on the needs, the environment of use. This type is suitable for the modern European style.

The shape of this rectangular concrete pot Vietnam will help you grow a variety of plants, flowers, or vegetables.

Round concrete pots

Round concrete pots will surely satisfy the most demanding customers because they are not only subtle, beautiful but also have a very diverse application with many types of sizes and small sizes.

Square concrete pots

If you just want to plant plants in small quantities, square concrete pot plants will be an appropriate choice.

Grinding stone concrete pots

Another type of concrete pot that is very often used is a grinding stone concrete pot. The plant pot is made of artful concrete and grinding stone, very high aesthetics by its smooth surface

Light concrete pots

As the name implies, the ultra-light concrete pot can definitely understand right now that this is a type of pot made from concrete but ultra-lightweight. Ultra-light concrete pots were born to improve the disadvantages of conventional concrete pots with somewhat superior features.

Common types of concrete pots

Common types of concrete pots

Advantages of using ultra-light concrete pots

Characteristics of ultra-light concrete pots

  • It is a product line using ultra-durable, highly waterproof lightweight materials
  • It is produced on modern technology lines with an eye-catching design
  • It has a long life, withstands impact, compression, good pressure
  • Variety of designs and colors.
  • The most important thing here is it’s super lightweight.

Advantages of ultra-light concrete pots

The first advantage that is probably also the most superior to conventional concrete pots is that they weigh 70% less than conventional cement pots and 50% compared to other steel pots. That is very suitable for users for small-area houses or having to place them in high places.

Ordinary concrete pot planter products are quite heavy, bulky. Moreover, their style and color are less diverse, not eye-catching enough. That’s why they don’t necessarily meet the growing customer needs.

Ultra-light concrete pots are manufactured with modern, high-grade materials, with high-quality concrete materials, and are imported with clear origin and safety for users. The natural surface is covered with anti-UV coating 2 times to help the product have superior durability, anti-cracking, moisture resistance, and anti-fading effectively. The design of the concrete pot in Vietnam is modern, sophisticated to suit all design architecture, space from classic to modern.

Moreover, their cost is cheaper than a regular cement pot.

It is because of the benefits as well as the great advantages of concrete pots that the product is increasingly popular, making many consumers and users enjoy it.

For traditional concrete pots, it is very difficult and heavy to move from one place to another. It makes us feel very tired of moving it. Lightweight concrete pots overcome the disadvantages of traditional concrete, especially in terms of weight. Transportation or relocation is no longer difficult.

Because they are lightweight, super durable, waterproof, and long-lasting concrete pots, they are used in outdoor environments with hot and frosty weather without fear of damage or fading.

Advantages of using ultra-light concrete pots

Advantages of using ultra-light concrete pots

The superior features of concrete pots

Lightweight concrete pots, using ultra-light, ultra-durable, highly waterproof concrete materials, long life.Lightweight concrete pots varied styles, colors, sizes. Concrete pots are new products, exported with high-grade pure cement, minimalist style, and modern design.

In addition to the characteristics of high-end, concrete pot at Vietnam products also possess remarkable advantages thanks to advanced processing and production technology, most typical of which are the characteristics:

  • Light concrete pots are meticulously molded with diverse patterns or surface shapes, helping to enhance the surface lines that are treated most carefully.
  • Ultra-light concrete ornamental plant pots are both a traditional and familiar garden product and help you get a new garden model with rustic, natural landscape pot designs from natural materials.
  • Compared to grinding concrete pots, light concrete plant pot with fiber cores will be prioritized and appreciated more for the quality, color of natural raw concrete, surface treatment technology, and high-end. Therefore, light concrete ornamental plant pot products with fibers are much more expensive but are preferred by designers and architects for high-end projects over conventional grinding stone concrete pots.
  • Light concrete plant pots now have many colors for customers to choose but in general, most of these light concrete pots are neutral in color and it is easy to combine flexibly with each other, bringing the color tones to suit the overall garden or balcony.
  • In addition to the use of home decoration is focused, concrete flower pots also have the characteristics to honor the beauty of objects.
The superior features of concrete pots

The superior features of concrete pots

What is the applicability of light concrete pots?

With many superior features, lightweight concrete pots are being used for the purpose of interior and exterior decoration:

  • Used to decorate the home space, interior, and exterior.
  • Used to grow plants and flower pots
  • Used for decorating cafes, eateries, or exhibitions
  • Used to hang on balconies
  • Small concrete pots are used to place in the desk or private room and also the bedroom
  • Used as aquarium pots, aquatic plants as ornamental plants. For this type of aquarium, customers note to buy the type of pot that has not been punched and need to find a size large enough to feed the fish.
What is the applicability of light concrete pots?

What is the applicability of light concrete pots?

Considerations when planting with pots

Material and size of the pot

Each material has its own characteristics: plastic deteriorates in the sun and in summer (especially in the tropics). If exposed to the sun long enough, plastic containers can heat the crops in them.

You may think that the best choice is to grow in porcelain pots, but they are very heavy and expensive.

Our advice is to choose clay, wood, metal, or concrete pots, one of the best pots today. In addition, you can look at the size and design of the pot that will fit your space.

Drainage capacity

If you are a beginner gardener with plant pots, you must remember to adequately supply the drainage system to the plant pots. Always check before planting whether the plant pot you are using has enough drainage holes? That will prevent symptoms that are not good for the plant such as root rot, which occurs due to excessive humidity.

Soil quality

In order for the plant to grow healthy, good soil is an important factor. Soil quality will provide your plants with the nutrients needed for the growth of plants and flowers.

You can buy good soil but this option is quite expensive. You can use available soil and add the fertilizers needed to improve soil quality.


According to gardening experience, a well-developed plant needs to absorb the sun for at least 5 hours a day.

And remember to water the plant daily in the afternoon or evening because the time of absorption of sunlight can dry out the soil.

Considerations when planting with pots

Considerations when planting with pots

Tips for caring for potted plants


Keep in mind that plant roots in pots cannot reach moisture in the soil. Although soil grown in the gourd retains good moisture, soil in pots tends to dry faster than the ground. When the weather is hot, you may have to water daily. When watering, don’t just water the leaves or flowers – make sure that water is flowing into the soil in the pot.


For plants with flowers to bloom or create conditions for plants to grow better, from time to time fertilize with a water-soluble fertilizer. Put the fertilizer in the watering jar first and fill it with water. It is recommended to use a “ray” nozzle, the force from the nozzle will mix the fertilizer into the water more easily.


During the growing season, stimulate the plant to continue to grow, bloom by cutting off the flowers when the flowers die or cutting off small branches. This will also keep the pot looking fresh and tidy.

For pruning, you should use specialized tools to cut during the growing season, stimulate the plant to continue to grow, bloom by cutting off the flower when the flower fades or cutting off small branches. This will also keep the pot looking fresh and tidy. For pruning, you should use specialized tools for cutting.

Tips for caring for potted plants

Tips for caring for potted plants

It is the information about concrete pot Vietnam and the experience of planting in pots. Concrete pots are one of the most beloved types of pots by many features. In addition, ultra-light concrete pots are even more loved for the great advantages that bring.