CEO Pham Kieu Loan Honored as Outstanding Alumnus of PTI Entrepreneur Training School

CEO Pham Kieu Loan Honored as Outstanding Alumnus of PTI Entrepreneur Training School

On December 16, 2023, CEO Pham Kieu Loan was recognized as an outstanding alumna of PTI Entrepreneur Training School, an esteemed institution known for fostering business leaders. The prestigious accolade was conferred directly by the school principal during a special ceremony.

Ms. Pham Kieu Loan’s achievement underscores her exemplary leadership and dedication to professional development in the field of entrepreneurship. Her contributions to business management and strategic leadership have earned her admiration and respect within the industry.

During the ceremony, the school principal highlighted Ms. Loan’s exceptional accomplishments and positive impact on the business community. As a distinguished alumna, Ms. Loan’s success serves as inspiration for current and future entrepreneurs aspiring to make significant contributions to their respective fields.

Ms. Pham Kieu Loan expressed gratitude for the honor and acknowledged the invaluable lessons learned at PTI Entrepreneur Training School, which have contributed to her success as a business leader. She reaffirmed her commitment to driving innovation and excellence in business practices, furthering the school’s mission of cultivating visionary entrepreneurs.

The recognition of Ms. Pham Kieu Loan as an outstanding alumna reflects PTI Entrepreneur Training School’s commitment to nurturing and celebrating entrepreneurial excellence. Her continued achievements serve as a testament to the school’s impactful education and the transformative power of entrepreneurial leadership in today’s dynamic business landscape.